A Legal Adviser?

Yesterday I was in court for a preliminary hearing. I love going to court for preliminary hearings. Sometimes a case is dismissed at a prelim; sometimes it’s not. But always sometimes, it’s just entertaining interesting.

Yesterday’s breaking-up-the-monotony moment occurred when a defendant’s legal adviser addressed the court.  It went something like this:

Legal Adviser (LA): I’m here for the defendant. I need you to help me with some subpoenas to get the evidence.

Court: Are you a lawyer?

LA: No, I’m [the defendant’s] Legal Adviser.

Court: I can’t give you legal advice.

LA: I’m not asking for legal advice.

Court: You just asked me to help you with some subpoenas.

LA: If you’re not going to listen to me, I’ll file a motion.

Court: You are excused.


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  1. bluedog803

    That’s hilarious. I’m going to link that.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Blue Dog.