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I rode with him…and I got no complaints

A friend of mine was arrested last September. He recently pleaded guilty and is in prison. I had not planned to write about it because it wouldn’t serve a purpose. I changed my mind after reading Mark Bennett’s post about friendship.

A true friend is one who, when he finds out you are in trouble, will drop what he is doing and do what he can to help. Want to know how many genuine friends you have? Get charged with a serious crime.

That’s a pretty good description and my friend fit it to a tee. I remember the late Chief Justice Bubba Ness told me one time that you would only have five true friends. His definition of a true friend was someone who, if you asked for help, answered with where are you? A true friend is on his way to help you.

I knew my friend had many friends, but I had no idea how many. Over the course of the last year, I lost count of the number of people that called or stopped to check on him. When he pleaded guilty, the courtroom was packed with friends, mostly lawyers, supporting him.

My friend didn’t know anything about facebook or social media; he didn’t even know how to turn on a computer. He made his friends the old fashioned way, he earned them. That’s the way real lawyers do it.

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