A Salute

A salute to the man standing on the overpass today in the pouring rain. I don’t know him or anything about him.I did not see him in person because I didn’t drive that way today. I saw him on the tv news tonight. Only brief footage though, no detailed story about him. Just a man standing on top of the overpass all day long in the pouring rain and waiving a large American Flag.

Today it rained in Horry County. It rained all day. When the winds came, and they did often, it was cold. It was a cold, windy, rainy day today. Most business and government offices were closed. It was a good day to stay home.

It was also Veteran’s Day. The day we honor the men and women who served in our armed forces. Grand ceremonies were held honoring our heroes, past and present. Some were attended by large crowds; some were gatherings of a few. They were all noble in their own way and they all honored our heroes. Men and women who served and made tremendous sacrifices, some making the ultimate one, all to preserve our way of life.

This would be the the point in this post where I could link to some sites, explain the history of this day and start talking about our freedom and constitutional rights under the law. Not today. Today is the day I honor the ones that mean the most to me. The ones who suit up, show up and get the job done. Without them, this law stuff wouldn’t be all that important.


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