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AB Mayor Suspended

Innocent until proven…

The Sun News reported that Atlantic Beach Mayor Retha Pierce has been indicted by the Horry County Grand Jury for a charge related to a hit and run accident. As a result, Governor Mark Sanford has suspended her from office. This undoubtedly will be hailed as a popular decision with most people.

The suspension period is until she is formally acquitted or convicted.  How long this will take is anyone’s guess. Criminal cases can take over a year or more before going to trial.  Evidently, Pierce plans to fight the charge.

I plan to stand while they continue to carry out this bogus charge against me. I did not leave the scene. I stopped.

Pierce has definitely had her fair share of problems within the last year. Her most recent was an arrest in Marion County for Driving Under the Influence. She steadfastly maintained her innocence of that charge too, despite the criticism from most people. Interestingly enough, the tests for alcohol and for drugs were negative. I do not know if that charge has been dismissed yet, but it should. I do not know if Pierce is guilty or innocent of this indictment, but I do know this. She is still entitled to the presumption of innocence and is, therefore, innocent until proven guilty.

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Divorce Grounds in S.C.

Today I was told that in one state there are 13 grounds for divorce and that you can get divorced in 31 days. I do not know if that is a good thing or not. I hope we don’t need thirteen reasons to divorce someone.

We have four grounds for divorce in South Carolina: Adultery, desertion, physical cruelty and habitual abuse of alcohol or drugs.  Most divorces, however, are granted on living separate and apart continuously for one year.

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Coastal Carolina World Series

The Chanticleer World Series starts Friday with Pro Day. The team will work out for scouts at 4 p.m. Game one of the three game scrimmage series begins at 5:30. Games two and three are set for 2:30 on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Admission is free so let’s get out there and support the team as they cap off a successful fall practice.

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