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New Blog: Inside the Courtroom

I haven’t posted anything for awhile because of court, clients and family. Those responsibilities take priority and when we get busy, the blog takes a backseat. Time is the one thing we have plenty of but never enough.

I was even thinking of taking the summer off; it’s a busy time in Myrtle Beach. I may just do that. But first, I wanted to introduce a new blog on the blog roll: Inside the Courtroom, by Kirk Truslow.

Kirk is a real defense lawyer who has tried real cases with real clients. He knocks it out of the park with his post on Internet Made Lawyers:

So, when I see a website bragging of the experience, aggressiveness and sound trial skills of attorneys I know have not participated in a trial, it is appalling to me. I call these lawyers Internet Made Lawyers.

That pretty much sums it all up. I’m reminded of this cartoon I saw somewhere on the internet. He also offers a solution. First, a call to arms to the real lawyers to educate the public. Second, to the not-so-real lawyers:

And to the Internet Made Lawyers, take some pride in your work. Take the time and energy to become experienced and aggressive. You will be happy you did, and you will lose that feeling of doubt you must carry into court for your guilty pleas.


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I spent this weekend moving our office to a new building. I hated to do it but we simply had outgrown our old office. It was hectic as most moves tend to be. Preparing for court added to the chaos. To complicate things, the IT guy reminded me a lot of the painter on Murphy Brown. You know the guy that came to paint a wall and never left. Anyway, the move is complete and our telephones and computers are working fine.

Another thing that happened to me over the weekend was that Scott Greenfield noticed me. He writes Simple Justice. It is an excellent site and one of the first I noticed when I started blogging about six months ago. In fact, I commented about it on one of my first posts and it was one of the first listed on my blog roll.

During the last six months, I have also noticed that SJ has welcomed, or at least mentioned, some new bloggers to the blogosphere. Some of his comments were complimentary; some, not so much. To the best of my knowledge, Law and Baseball never made the cut and that doesn’t matter because it shouldn’t matter.

First, I should say that Scott didn’t notice me or this blog, he noticed me on twitter. So, maybe that doesn’t count. That doesn’t matter either because it shouldn’t matter. I sensed, however, that my twitter account may have contributed to his inspiration to write this post.

Stop worrying about being loved, respected and admired by people who don’t exist.  Just do whatever it is you do to the best of your ability and tell the rest of them to go jump in a lake.  You will never achieve universal love and popularity, respect and admiration.  There will always be some cheerleader who says you aren’t popular enough.  Who cares.

I tend to agree with most things Scott writes about and this is no exception. It doesn’t matter whether someone makes a comment on or about your blog and it shouldn’t matter. Do what you do for you and then move on.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter if someone unfollows you on twitter. Just move on.


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