DUI Busters: The New Vigilantes

Move over prostitution. The hottest controversy on Craigslist now appears to be the debate over the DUI Busters. According to Lawrence Taylor, the DUI Busters are the new vigilantes. These vigilantes say they are trying to put a stop to people driving drunk and they are bragging about it on Craigslist. I’m not sure if they are really trying to stop it, or if they are simply trying to increase the number of DUI arrests.

The DUI Busters say they hang out in bars looking for people who’ve had too much to drink, trail the unknowing person to their car, then follow them down the road, and call 9-1-1…

That doesn’t seem like the best way to stop someone from driving drunk. If you really wanted to stop someone from driving drunk, it seems that you would try to stop them before they started driving.

These vigilantes have their own guidelines for “How to Roll” when making the 911 call, which includes lying to the police.

Tell them you’ve been following a driver that’s ’swerving everywhere’, and the clincher being they ‘almost hit a parked car’.

According to the article, at least one DUI Buster admits to lying to the police:

I lie to the police about the prospective drunk driver hitting a parked car when they didn’t. As long as you’re over the .08 you’re legally intoxicated if you hit a parked car or not.

First, I want to say upfront that I don’t think anyone should drive if they are impaired, but there is nothing good about what these vigilantes are doing. For one thing, if someone is really impaired, no one should let them drive. If a DUI Buster really wants to prevent drunk driving, he should try to stop it before it happens.

Second, it’s really not a good thing to lie to emergency 911 operators. They are there for emergencies. If a person is not driving erratically, then why make it up? If the person’s driving is not impaired, then he is not guilty of DUI.

We know why these people are making up stories about impaired driving. It’s because these zealots don’t care if the suspect driver is guilty or not, they only care about the arrest. This is the circle of prosecution followed by law enforcement and endorsed by MADD.

Make more arrests to get more grant money to get more cars and equipment to make more arrests to get more grant money to get more cars and equipment to make more arrests.

It is truly MADDness.

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