Tiger Woods Hires Lawyer

Tiger Woods has hired a criminal defense lawyer according to John Wesley Hall, Jr.:

Every public figure should have one of us on retainer.

From DUI Attorney.com:

Just because Woods has hired a well-known and able defense lawyer does not mean that he is guilty or even that he has anything to hide. In fact, a smart innocent person with the means to do so would hire a criminal lawyer when investigated or suspected of any crime for which he or she is innocent.

Should it be national news that the number one golfer in the world has hired a lawyer? Probably not, but it is Tiger Woods.  He is a celebrity and with fame and fortune go gossip and innuendo. And sometimes, questions from the police.

Good advice from Mr. Hall. Bravo to Mr. Woods. I am not the first to say this, but here I go. Whether rich and famous or poor and unknown, no one should ever talk to the police without a lawyer.

It happens too many times. A person is a suspect and for whatever reason he or she decides they can get it cleared up without a lawyer. It almost never works out the way that person thought it would. It is far better to hire a lawyer and let the public think that you are guilty than to go it alone. The innocent person that goes alone is usually the innocent one that is convicted.

I look forward to a time when the public does not presume a person guilty because he or she hired a lawyer before questioning.  I hope for a time when the public simply thinks that the person who did not is an idiot.

I would also like to add to the dui attorney comments that even though a person may not have the means to hire a lawyer, he or she still has the right to remain silent and not answer the questions. Hopefully, he or she even has the right to a lawyer.


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  1. bettie clayton

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